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Are You Having Trouble Receiving Child Support?

Raising a child on your own is tough enough even without having to deal with delinquent child support payments. Working, taking care of the home, doing all or the majority of the child raising, and everything else that comes with caring for a young one is no easy task. When the non-custodial parent refuses to pay or constantly misses child support orders, it only adds stress and headache to what is more than a full-time job. If you are dealing with back owed child support, contact an experienced Arkansas child support attorney with the Bassett Law Firm today for help.

Unpaid Child Support is Not Forgiven

In the state of Arkansas, child support must be paid in full and on time. Additionally, late payments are not forgiven or forgotten, even years later when the child turns 18 years old, according to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. While it is possible for an individual to have current child support payments reduced, they cannot have past owed allotments reduced or forgiven. If you are owed any amount of delinquent or back paid child support, contact an attorney at once to take legal action against the responsible party.


Sadly, delinquent payments are common when it comes to child support. Many non-custodial parents only pay a fraction of what they owe their child and the custodial parent. Thankfully, there is help. The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) enforces child support court orders in Arkansas. If a non-custodial parent refuses to make timely and full payments, they may be subject to:

  • Passport denial
  • Having federal and state tax refunds withheld
  • Having a portion of their paycheck withheld (called wage garnishing)
  • Having their workers’ compensation withheld
  • Having their occupational, business, or professional license suspended
  • Having their driver’s license suspended (personal and/or commercial)
  • Having a lien put on their property
  • More

Contact an Experienced Arkansas Child Support Enforcement Attorney Today

The first step to take in order to receive the child support that you are owed from a Divorce is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will work with you and the OCSE to find the fastest and most efficient solution, whether that is wage garnishment or putting a lien on the delinquent payers property. For immediate assistance, contact or call one of our child support attorneys at the law offices of Bassett Law Firm today at 479-521-9996.