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Settlements for Automobile Cases

More than five million automobile accidents occur in the United States every year. Approximately 40,000 of those accidents result in driver or passenger death, and millions of other people end up with temporary and permanent injuries. Accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons. The ones that involve negligence are against the laws of empathy. Such accidents are also against personal injury laws. If you have suffered an automobile accident related injury, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. Additionally, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim if your loved one died in a negligent automobile accident.

What Is Negligence?

Automobile cases that are eligible for personal injury payment include negligence. Negligence is any action that is not thoughtful concerning other people’s well being. A driver can be negligent in a multitude of situations. The most obvious negligence-ridden automobile cases are the ones that involve drunk driving. The driver makes a conscious decision to drink alcohol to a dangerous level and then gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. In this case, the driver is guilty of negligence on several levels.

Distracted driving is another situation that involves negligence. Distracted driving is driving that occurs when a driver is engaged in an activity that has nothing to do with operating a vehicle. The distracting activity can be text messaging, web browsing, talking on a cell phone, chatting with a rear passenger, applying makeup, eating, or watching a movie. Distracted drivers are negligent because they are not paying attention to the road and looking out for other road occupants. Many pedestrian, vehicle, and motorcycle accidents occur because of distracted driving.

Drivers who violate traffic rules and cause accidents are guilty of negligence. Therefore, a person who runs a red light and crashes into the side of an oncoming vehicle is guilty of causing personal injury to the other driver. People who speed and use the traffic lanes improperly may also be subject to court proceedings.

How to File a Claim for Automobile Accident Cases

The most important part of getting compensation for automobile cases is seeing a medical professional. You must have medical documentation of any injuries you developed from the accident. The doctor must outline the condition, the treatment plan and the suspected cause of the injury. You should keep all of your medical documentation along with doctor’s bills. The courts will include your medical bills in the compensation package. Additionally, you must keep records of your auto repairs, lost work wages, and any material items you lost because of the accident.

Contacting Personal Injury Attorney

The first step in initiating an automobile accident case is contacting a reputable personal injury attorney. Basset Law Firm has been handling personal injury cases since 1981 and has received notable recognition for its outstanding practices. In 2012, Basset Law Firm was placed in Fortune Magazine as a top litigation firm.

Bassett Law Firm services several regions of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
You can contact one of the fine attorneys at this firm by calling (479) 521-9996 or fill out an online form. Someone will schedule a consultation during which you can discuss your incident. Your attorney may take several steps once you agree to representation. Many cases end during the negotiation process. If the offender is unwilling to make restitutions, then your attorney will proceed with legal processes for the recovery of your compensation.