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Contract Laws

The partners at Bassett Law Firm have forged their careers by helping their community. They make time for public service activities and mentoring individuals in the practice of law. When the occasion presents itself, they offer pro-bono work to people who cannot afford a good attorney.

High Level of Professionalism

The law firm has been inducted into the Register of Preeminent Lawyers by the Martindale-Hubble rating system, a remarkable achievement. The law firm has a team of attorneys that can serve at the state and federal level. The revered partners were given an AV preeminent rating. This is a proven testament to their high level of executing the law with professionalism. This is the firm that will recognize that your business transactions are important. Their negotiation techniques, with small and large corporations, are vast. The lawyers share their experiences and opinions with each other for your benefit.  The best case or contract can be built just for you. To have your contract built by a Preeminent Lawyer at Bassett Law Firm, call 479.521.9996 to schedule an appointment.

Importance of Legal Consultation when Building a Contract

Consulting a law firm to build a contract for your business is a wise choice. Discussing your needs with the lawyer will provide him with the knowledge to have a contract built for your specific needs. Your lawyer will help clarify details, which could possibly cause misunderstandings for both parties.

Attorneys will advise you that a written contract is needed for your protection. They have experience and versatility in the field of building contracts. The standard contract is a quality control document. The attorney can review the contract and suggest the correct action to take. Their advice serves as an alert about certain issues that may arise that you may not have considered.

Your lawyer may point out unforeseen circumstances that could occur if a contract is non-existent. When you receive a contract, it helps when you contact a lawyer to scrutinize the document. Lawyers have seen scam artists prey on the innocent with the signing of a contract. Lawyers know how to treat these false contractors and perpetrators of innocent people by using the law. The partners and associates have pre-trial and post-trial experience. Your home, business, and reputation could be at risk without the proper contract. The partners and associates may help keep you from losing thousands of dollars.

There are different types of contracts. There are fixed-priced, collateral and bond contracts. Lawyers understand the need to add clauses, such as a hold harmless clause, ratchet, retention and exculpatory clauses. They are able to explain which clauses you would need to add to your contract and why. Having a contract built by a law firm with an outstanding reputation shows your client that you are professional.

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To have an attorney at the Bassett Law Firm LLP build your contract, call 479.521.9996 or fill out the brief contact form to schedule an appointment. The firm is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas and has experienced attorneys with the knowledge to meet your needs in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas.