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Business and Commercial Transaction Case Attorneys

Bassett Law Firm has licensed attorneys that are certified to practice in various locations around the country, representing clients in a variety of cases that include business and commercial transaction cases. Bassett Law Firm is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and performs services in Oklahoma and Missouri, as well. Since the firm’s founding in 1981, members of the Bassett Law Firm have enjoyed a variety of accomplishments and sustained continuous growth, excelling in business and commercial transaction cases.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney to Assist with a Business Transaction

Hiring an attorney that provides guidance throughout a business transaction in any commercial dispute does require an assured level of care and attention to cases that are involved. It is important for clients to understand that requirements imposed by the courts and the rules of procedure should be examined appropriately when required documentation has been submitted. A complete examination of all relevant evidence can take time to become fully apprised of the law governing the case. The attorneys will work with commitment, providing quality representation and personal attention in order to safeguard a client’s interest.

Commerce is at the very heart and is the very purpose of business. If your business is going to achieve vitality, the success of your commercial transactions will be a primary reason.

A commercial transaction is defined as:

“An agreement between two or more parties to enter into a commercial relationship that involves the exchange of items of value. This value can be either on a one-off basis (as in the case of a sale) or on an ongoing basis (as in the case of an investment in a business or a joint venture).”

As important as commercial transactions are to the future of your business, with each one there are inherent risks and the potential for concurrent losses that could take place.  Without apt legal counsel, even the most tenured business professionals could make mistakes that lead to dramatic financial setbacks due to avoidable pitfalls and oversights.

Commercial Transactions Counsel

Our sound legal counsel has helped numerous small businesses, farmers, various corporations, and municipalities with business and commercial transaction law. Bringing and understanding of federal, state, and local regulations as well as securities law, our firm is uniquely prepared to serve your business.

  • Trademarking
  • Service marking
  • Copyright Protection
  • Corporate Formation
  • LLC Formation
  • Corporate Planning
  • Employer Compliance
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Private Offerings
  • Private Equities
  • Supplier Relationship Contracts
  • Distributor Contracts
  • Sales Contracts
  • Assets & Titles Transfers
  • Joint Ventures
  • Franchising Contracts
  • Licensing Agreements

When you are your team are working towards a commercial transaction of any kind (including any of the above) let the commerce attorneys of Bassett Law Firm take time to analyze and communicate the potential risks involved and offer legal counsel to mitigate potential losses.

In addition, our firm is equipped to provide transactional legal guidance in these ways:

  1. In an effort to minimize (or manage) legal and marketplace risks, let us advise your business on state, local, federal, and international trade regulations that could affect your transactions
  2. How you finish is just as important as how you start. We are prepared to see your transaction through to the execution and completion stage
  3. Retaining our counsel allows ease of drafting needed contracts and pertinent legal documentation
  4. Put us in the room alongside you so that we can represent your interests and help with your commercial negotiations, reach the desired end

Complex Circumstances of a Commercial Case

Business and commercial cases include dealings with the following: business people, developers, and businesses in commercial real estate, such as shopping centers and condominium projects. Dealing with contracts in business ventures is very common. Handling drafts and contract reviews is part of the regular scheme. Handling commercial real estate transactions can be more complex when federal and state statutes and common law are involved. Law professionals that have in-depth knowledge of the law are vital under these complex circumstances. This is where Bassett Law Firm can be to one’s advantage.

Business Formation and Planning

Business formation involves making smart decisions that may be overwhelming. Choosing a firm that will assist in sharing business law information pertaining to the case in layman’s terms is recommended. This should take place while in the process of making any business decisions that protect the business owners from personal liabilities. Disputes are unfortunate and extremely common. Some of the most common disputes include: contract disputes, commercial litigation, supplier/vendor disputes, trucking/ shipping, and commercial real estate disputes.

Business owners are constantly dealing with threatening lawsuits and/or reinforcement involvement. Most of the issues involve:
• Leases
• Sales
• Negotiable tools
• Banking issues
• Letters of credit
• Transfers and Sales
• Secured transactions

Those involved in business and commercial transactions are familiar with the following:
• Hiring, firing and promotion issues
• Wage and hourly pay
• Corporate disputes
• Insurance litigation
• Lender liability
• Theft and embezzlement

Since the firm’s opening in 1981, the highly experienced and respected members of Bassett Law Firm are continuously exceeding high expectations of their clients by providing quality and legal representation. Other than focusing on business and commercial transaction cases, Bassett Law firm is well known for handling state and federal court practice, agricultural law, automobile cases, aviation cases, contract law, criminal defense, estate and tax planning, environmental litigation, and medical malpractice. Attorneys with preparation, research and organization skills are an absolute plus. The entire process may be overwhelming, but the results are rewarding. It pays to work hard and stay focused.

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