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Bad Faith Claims

One would think it would be safe to operate under the presumption that when insurance policies are paid for they equal benefits received when appropriate claims are made. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. What is a person to do when coverage has been denied for legitimate claims?  What about issues with third-party claims?

While past success does not guarantee future results, Bassett Law Firm has helped numerous policyholders win claims against their insurance companies. If your claim has been delayed or denied and you’re dealing with an apparent “bad faith” insurance company, let’s talk about how we can help pursue full compensation.

Bad Faith On Insurance Claims

Whether it’s for your car, your home, your business, your children, or yourself, insurance policies are purchased in good faith that when you need financial protection most, it’s there. When your insurance company does not follow through with the policy you’ve paid for, you may have a legitimate bad faith claim. Here are a few questions you can ask to see if you have the signs of a bad faith claim:

  • Is the insurance company delaying payment?
  • Has the insurance company chosen not to acknowledge my notification of my claim?
  • Is the insurance company trying to short pay or discount payment?
  • Did the insurance company alter my policy without clearly notifying me?
  • Is the insurance company outright denying my claim?
  • Did the denied claim come without a reasonable explanation?
  • Was my request for an explanation for the denied claim ignored or delayed?
  • Did the claims adjuster seem to intentionally undervalue my claim?
  • Was I advised by the insurance company not to retain legal counsel?
  • Is the insurance company treating me in an adversarial manner?
  • Is wrongful information being leveraged as grounds to short pay, delay or deny my claim?

Our Services

When you have a bad faith insurance claim, it becomes clear that the insurance company you are dealing with is actively seeking ways deny payment of your legitimate claim.  Whether you have a bad faith claim or you are battling with a third party insurance issue, don’t try to fight the fight alone. Bassett Law Firm insurance coverage attorneys not only help clients with bad faith claims, but we provide counsel for numerous aspects of insurance issues. Here are some of the insurance coverage legal services we offer our clients.

  • We will thoroughly analyze and interpret the insurance policy in question
  • We are equipped to provide representation for cases involving
    • Commercial Liability Insurance Claims
    • Disability Insurance Claims
    • Directors and Officers
    • Fire Insurance Claims
    • Insurance Policy Errors and Omissions
    • Life Insurance Claims
    • Other Related Insurance Claims
  • We work with businesses and other organizations to understand risks and we can provide counsel in assessing what types of insurance is needed and how much coverage is necessary
  • We provide representation for clients in claims involving the agriculture, poultry, and construction businesses and other complex litigation and mass tort cases

Proficient Legal Counsel

The primary and ultimate objective of Bassett Law Firm LLP is to provide our clients with quality legal representation. We are proud of our reputation for providing cost-effectively delivering services, understanding our clients’ expectations and pursuing the best possible results for our clients in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  

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